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Upstate Family Alliance to Join Lawsuits Against State Brainwashing System

Rochester, NY, January 7th - Calling the "Curriculum for a New New York" a "brainwashing experiment on a gargantuan scale", the Upstate Family Alliance's President, Reverend William Stanton, announced that his group would lend financial and moral support to a series of lawsuits challenging New York's imposition of a single curriculum on all of its students.

"First, they came up with wicked testing schemes to deter homeschoolers," said Stanton, "and then they decided that computerized homeschooling would be a much cheaper way to educate children. Now that they have turned our homes into their government schools, their complete agenda is clear: brainwashing our children to clear away the inconvenient values of their parents."

The Upstate Family Alliance will join lawsuits already filed in various New York State Supreme Court jurisdictions, arguing that the new curriculum was created using a faulty procedure and is riddled with errors and biases, including:

  • Emphasis on New York City and its suburbs with scarcely a mention of Upstate after 2010;

  • Comments dismissive of religion's positive contribution in the histories of the United States, New York State, and the world;

  • Untestable scientific hypotheses presented as fact in the biology, physics, and economics sections;

  • Claims that current climate patterns are the result of excessive carbon usage during our state's economic peak;

  • Disparaging comments about three of the greatest U.S. Presidents of the last hundred years, Reagan and the two Bushes;

  • Excessively violent and sexual moments in video coverage of history, literature, and health;

  • Constant use of Spanish in contexts where English should be the only language in use;

  • Tests that expect students to regurgitate the false stories contained in the curriculum;

  • A complete failure to allow parents and students to opt out of this curriculum.

"We intend to see justice served," said Stanton. "Our children's future is much too precious to us to turn it over to a state whose interests plainly do not serve our children well."

About the Upstate Family Alliance:

The Upstate Family Alliance, formed in 2035, brings together a variety of community organizations and individuals to remind New York State and its citizens that New York City is not and should not be the sole arbiter of values in this part of the country.


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