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Accident in Cortlandville


Cortlandville, June 4, 2051 - The first two-vehicle accident in five years took place on Route 13 yesterday near the Community Mall, former home of Walmart and Price Chopper, when a delivery van from the Food Cooperative broadsided a van from TrueValue Hardware. Dispatched to the scene, Mounted Police Officer Ray Cruz remarked, "Once the PPO [Post-Peak-Oil] Regs came out, the state reduced biweekly trips for individuals to bimonthly. All we see on the roads now are local delivery vans, horses like Trigger here, and transporters taking commuters to the mag-rail depots. So yes, accidents like this used to be pretty common, but we don't see them much anymore."

The TrueValue driver was taken by wagon to Cortland Health Cooperative. Harlan Becker, the Food Cooperative driver, was unhurt, although his van was damaged. "A lot of families are counting on me," he told this reporter. "I'll have to switch to the wagon to get these deliveries made." He warned that local families on a Tuesday delivery schedule might need to make do until Wednesday, and so on until the van was repaired.

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