Canal days

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15 miles a day it is again. My mule's not named Sal, but somebody's mule probably is. I'm very happy to have a job, any job, and this job comes with some benefits, like full exposure to a wide variety of weather conditions, plus a long unpaid vacation in winter when I'd really like some heat.


It's not that bad, though. The Barge Canal stays busy the whole time it's navigable, filled with grain to keep New York City and the coast alive. There's some other stuff on there too, mostly things that don't need to go anywhere fast. If something needs to move fast, it rides the rails, right? Every once in a while I take a detour down the Seneca-Cayuga Canal to send things that way or pick things up, and the change of scenery's a good thing.

I know every bar in every canal town along the way, though the cities are huge and I can't be expected to know everything there, can I? If it's within a mile of the canal, though, I probably do. Unless maybe it's a boring bar, too dull for a canal man.

Yeah, I grew up in Lockport. Never thought this was my future.

Time to get back to work. Thanks for the drink!



Windyridge said:


I recently started a new blog about upstate NY and other rural areas but the emphasis will be on upstate and the north country. I was wondering if you would be willing to guest blog about your knowledge of the canal. As long or as short a post as you like. I will also add your blog as a link on mine but I will do that anyway. All you have to do is write the post, email it to me and I will feature your post on my blog. If it's not something you are interested please come and visit anyway. Thanks! I plan on spending some time reading your blog. I am hoping to get people that know various areas well from first hand experience, to share that knowledge with my readers.

If you'd like to submit a story, please contact me.

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