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Upstate 2050 is an effort to get Upstate residents to think about what our future might hold. Pondering the future often leads to navel-gazing, committee reports, and strange boondoggles, but I hope that some fictional writing in a variety of different voices will help us past that.

These fragments reflect possibilities that could emerge from Upstate's past and present. They can't all happen - many of them simply conflict! - but hopefully all of them contain enough truth to provoke some hard thought.

If you have your own ideas about what might happen to Upstate and want to share them, you can leave comments on individual postings or email new stories. All stories accepted for publication will be published under the same license as the rest of the work here.

Unfortunately, I can't pay for stories, but I will definitely credit them. (I can credit stories to "anonymous" if you'd prefer.)



great site. this is good work you are doing. best of luck and i'll be by often.

If you'd like to submit a story, please contact me.

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